How can players find your group’s league/tournament (web & app guide)

On the App

Players can find your league or tournament in one of two ways:

  • First, if they are a member of your group, they can toggle between pickup events, leagues, and tournaments from your Group’s home page (see the first screenshot below)
  • Second, if your league/tournament is public, players can find it from the main discovery page of the app (the middle “O” icon in the navigation bar). (See the second screenshot below).
  • Note: From the main discovery tab (the “O”), players can either find your leagues via a group specific search or a location specific search. To search by group, players can tap on the group icon at the top left corner, and select which group they want to find leagues/tournaments for.
  • With location specific searches, they can tap on the location icon at the top right corner, and the page will load all local events/leagues/tournaments that are public.

On the Web

Players can find your league or tournament on the web by being a member of your group , navigating to the Leagues or Tournaments tab in your group, and viewing all of the upcoming leagues and tournaments.

You can also embed the leagues/tournaments widget onto your own website.

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