Grow Your Sport and Social Club with Pickup Sports

Rising SSIA Members / Sport and Social Clubs are offering pickup sports to attract new customers

Join SSIA Members like Casco Bay Sports, Philly Sports Leagues, Sons of Pitches FC, Texas Sport and Social Club — Waco, and Tri Sports Social Club on the leading platform (web & app) for running pickup sports!

We live in an economy of convenience

  • Playing pickup is often easier for players than committing to a league
  • Organizations on OpenSports offer the convenience that players in their city are looking for by making it easier to access their sports offerings
  • Re-thinking your business model to enable on-demand and instant access to your games is a necessary step to competing and growing
  • Sport and Social Clubs like Casco Bay Sports, Philly Leagues, and Sons of Pitches FC create pickup games with just a few quick clicks or taps
  • Players love having app and web-enabled instant access to pickup games — it fits their on-the go lives!

Start imagining the possibilities

Extra field time? Holiday weekend without leagues running? In between seasons? Imagine having a group with thousands of engaged players. Whenever you post a new game, you watch the attendees list fill within minutes, and allow the automatic waitlist do it’s thing while you’re playing with your kids or preparing dinner. Assign an event admin if you can’t be there, and watch as a beautiful pickup game unfolds. It’s that simple.

Most of our customers work with a very small team, manage a lot of tasks, and value their time immensely. They don’t have time for the back and forth, repetitive, and time consuming processes of managing pickup. We know there are things you would rather do than see if an event is going to fill up.

Once groups start using OpenSports, they want to use it for everything, including Sitting Volleyball and Lunchtime pickup soccer!

Increase revenue and grow your leagues

If you think about pickup as an initial touchpoint to get people into your leagues, to replace marketing spend, and also create a new source of revenue, it’s an absolute no brainer.

  • Innovative sports and social clubs see our simple yet sophisticated platform as a way to branch out and offer pickup sports
  • Cross promote between products (leagues, tournaments, and pickups)
  • Cater to players who just want an opportunity to play and not commit to a full season
  • Cater to players who travel a lot
  • Cater to players who are worried they’re not good enough for leagues
  • Maximize permits if you have extra time at fields
  • Post free or discounted sub opportunities for your league network — Sub spots fill very quickly!

Stories of revenue and league growth

Atlanta’s largest in town pickup soccer group and league, Sons of Pitches FC (SOPFC), also a SSIA Member, runs pickups next to leagues, and often times, players who are just feeling things out at pickup realize that they want consistency. SOPFC loves seeing conversion of pickup players to league players.

Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer (CFRS) used to see pickup as a way to get people into leagues. But have been pleasantly surprised to see how much revenue has been brought through pickup.

SSIA Members run anywhere between 3–7 pickup games per week, charge around $5–10 per player, and have anywhere between 20–60 players per event, so monthly revenue ranges from $3600 — $20,000+

Pricing and payout structure

OpenSports uses a payment system called Stripe that is fully integrated with our platform (web + iOS and Android app) so you can seamlessly collect payments at a lower cost than other platforms.

  • Easily link your bank account to Stripe and receive automatic payouts out on a 2-day* rolling basis
  • A small transaction fee (5% + $0.30) is taken from the total amount a game organizer charges per ticket
  • Collecting payment in advance means less unpredictability to deal with. When players pay in advance, they will show up and your games will run at max capacity!

*Payouts vary by country. 2-day for USA, 7-day for Canada, and varies for other countries.

Mitigating the traditional challenges of pickup sports

Sport and Social Clubs fear the unreliable nature of pickup sports (i.e., no-shows). How does OpenSports mitigate these problems?

  • Collecting payment in advance significantly reduces the number of no shows
  • Create refund deadlines to prevent last minute drop-outs
  • Automatic waitlist turns on automatically when your event fills up and works to fill spots if there are drop-outs

Boost player commitment, generate recurring revenue, and grow your business with memberships

Whether you’re offering punch-card style passes, or monthly, annual, or seasonal memberships, watch your revenue grow!

  • OpenSports offers powerful, automated membership management
  • Offer your players subscriptions to monthly or yearly memberships, or to a set number of sessions (i.e., punch-passes)
  • Select the billing cycle and auto-renewal cycle that suits your group


We are so fortunate to grow with Sport and Social Clubs by listening to their feedback everyday, and building what they want. Not only does your feedback influence our product decisions, we also provide first class support around the clock, and organizers praise us for it.

So glad we switched!

We are a group of badminton players who were struggling to manage a rapidly growing club since we were using a popular but generic social meeting app which couldn’t provide us with sports-specific features. Since switching over to OpenSports, management has become so easy, members are happy with the fairness and automation that’s built in, and collecting payments has become a breeze. Kudos to the team for creating a very well thought out app and being so responsive and considerate with our feedback! Looking forward to all the awesome new features lined up for this year! — Sports Club group manager in Pittsburgh, PA

Great team and execution!

There have been many sports related applications designed to bring people together, but OpenSports is one of the few that actually nails the execution and that is largely attributed to the feedback that the development team takes from its users. I have submitted several usability requests in the past which have actually been added. This is not something I can say for any other app I’ve used, sports or not. Highly recommended! — Andrew H, Philadelphia

Let’s show you a demo!

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