Edit multiple events at the same time/Bulk editor

How to use OpenSports’ bulk editing tool for pickup/drop-in events

Our new Bulk Editor is incredibly helpful when it comes to finding events quickly, and make the same change to MULTIPLE events, all at once!

Here are some great reasons to use the bulk editor & filter:

  • If you create a bunch of events with the recurring events tool, the bulk editor makes it easy to edit multiple events at the same time
  • Switching more than one event from private to public at the same time
  • Retroactively adding a tag (like “adult” or “pickup” or “morning” or “camp”) to more than one event at the same time
  • Use the filter tool to find events based on date and tags

What you can edit in bulk:

  • Event title; event description; event privacy (public/private/secret); event tags (add tags and remove tags)
  • Coming soon: Date and time, event creator, and delete/cancel events in bulk

How to make bulk edits (note: this is available on the web only):

  • From your group page, click on the Events Tab
  • Click on the Manage Events tab
  • Click on the Filter tool to find the batch of events you’d like to view and edit (you can filter events by date range, event tags, and status [i.e., cancelled, pending, upcoming])
  • Once you set your filters, click the green Done button
  • Then, select the events you’d like to make edits to by clicking the checkboxes.
  • Click the Edit Events button
  • Make the desired edits to the event title, description, tags or privacy.
  • Save the changes and they will automatically apply.

Cancel & Edit Events

In order to cancel an event or make any of the edits/changes listed under the “Connections” menu, just click on the “…” from the event row.

  • You can only make these changes one event at a time
  • To cancel an event, click on “Go To Event” and from the event page, click the Cancel button.


You can easily find events using the filters:

  • Start date (including date range)
  • Event tags (note, the filter will find ANY event with that tag)
  • Status (upcoming, pending, cancelled, past)

Just making your life as an organizer easy peasy! If you have questions, send us an email at contact@opensports.net :-)

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