Does the invite code automatically put someone in a private group?

When you create and send an invite code (through the web or app), players will either join your group through the web or through the app.

If players join your group through the website:

  • Players click on the invite code (which is a URL) and are brought to your group page
  • The player clicks on the green “Join” button
  • The players is prompted to either sign up with Facebook or by entering their Email address. They must fill in all the fields, including uploading a photo.
  • They will receive an Email confirmation > Click on “Verify Account”
  • Once they click verify account, they will receive a message saying “Your account has been verified” and then be redirected the the Group, which they have now joined🔥!

If players join your group through iOS/Android (recommended):

  • The player receives your invite code on their mobile device and downloads the OpenSports App for iOS or Android
  • Player completes the simple onboarding process
  • (Public groups only): Clicks on your group in the Groups/Events section of the app (middle tab with the O)
Local Public groups are listed in the app under the main OpenSports tab. Scroll horizontally to see all local groups.
  • The player clicks on the group, then clicks on the green “Join” button and becomes a member of your group

Read here to learn more about how to create invite codes!

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