Do the App and Website have the same features and functions?

Yes, our app and website work the same —OpenSports is a multi-device platform meaning we have designed OpenSports optimally for you to be able to use OpenSports across devices. For example, you can set up events on your PC, and your players can use the app to chat on-the-go to say if they’re running late, and you can check-in players at the event on the app.

It’s the same content offering across devices, in terms of the core elements (i.e., create events, search for events, send invites, collect payments, send refunds, view the waitlist, create waivers, create memberships, etc). We try to make things as simple as possible. We find that many organizers and facility managers prefer being in front of computer when they’re doing administrative work.

Both our web and app platforms are very user friendly, have a great user interface, and are aesthetically very pleasing!

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