Create an early bird special with discounts

The best way to get a early sign ups for your pickup sports event!

Making a limited number of tickets available at a reduced price can significantly drive up sales and get people to sign up for your events very quickly! Here’s how you can do it using OpenSports’ discount code feature:

  1. From your OpenSports group admin, go to Settings > Discounts > Create Discount.
  2. Select the Event you want to apply the discount to.
  3. After you have entered a monetary or percentage discount, in the Usage Limits section, select the amount of early bird tickets you want for your event (e.g., 10), and limit the number of times a user can use the discount per event to one time (See image below).
How to create an “Early bird special”: This set of limits would open up 10 discounts, but would only allow each user to redeem it once. You would also have to select one event to apply this discount to.