“Could not add card” error message when adding a bank card

If a player cannot add their credit/debit card, it may be for one of these reasons

Whats going on?

If a player received an error messages when adding their card saying: “Card not Added. Your card does not support this type of purchase” it may be because of the following issues:

  • Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered. In this case, they will need to use another card to make the purchase.
  • In most cases, pre-paid credit cards do not work on our system.
  • Sometimes banks will block unknown charges and it requires a quick phone call to get them to approve it.

Which payment cards does OpenSports Accept?

OpenSports has support for collecting payment in 23 countries and 13 currencies through Stripe Connect: AUD, Euro, Krone, Krona, HKD, Yen, NZD, SGD, Swiss franc, GBP, CAD, & USD.

🇺🇸Accepted Cards (USA): Players can pay with almost all major Debit or Credit Cards.

🇨🇦Accepted Cards (Canada): Players can pay with Visa (and Visa Debit), MasterCard, American Express (Debit not accepted at the moment).

🌏Accepted Cards (All other countries): Players can pay with most major debit and credit cards.

We also support Apple Pay and Google Pay for players that have Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled on their phone!! For players who don’t have a credit card or who don’t like entering their credit card details, this means comfort, convenience and faster checkout when RSVP’ing for a game!

For more help, contact alicia@opensports.net

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