Congrats on becoming a Group Administrator. Here’s a few things you should know!

So you’ve been assigned as a Group Administrator for a group on OpenSports? Whoa — this means you have full control over all group and event settings and management. Congrats!

This chart details which group and event management tools you have access to as a Group Administrator, in addition to having access to event chats for all the events within your group!

You can read more about different admin roles here.

Since there are so many tools you have at your disposal, here are links to the main features you can use:

View & Remove Attendees

Check-in Attendees

Add Event Admins & Managers to Events or to the Group

Issue Refunds

Create Waivers

Create and Share Invites/Access Codes for Private Groups

Blast Announcements to Everybody in the Group

View Reports

Create and Manage Memberships

Create Discounts

Managing pickup events is a lot of fun, and is made so much easier with OpenSports’ simple but sophisticated suite of sports specific tools (how’s that for a tongue twister 😝)! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know at