Captains — Register a team for a league or tournament (app + web)

How to get your team a spot in a league!

1) Find the league/tournament

A) On the App

Players/captains can find a league or tournament in one of two ways:

  • First, if you are a member of a group, you can toggle between pickup events, leagues, and tournaments from the Group’s home page (see the first screenshot below). Once in the group, go to the Leagues tab, and find the league that you would like to sign up for. Note: If it’s a private league, you must be a member of the group that’s running the league, and find the league through the group’s page.
  • Second, if the league/tournament is public, you can find it from the main discovery page of the app (the middle “O” icon in the navigation bar). (See the second screenshot below).
  • Note: From the main discovery tab (the “O”), you can either find leagues via a group specific search, or a location specific search. To search by group, tap on the group icon at the top left corner, and select which group you want to find leagues/tournaments for.
  • You can also find leagues/tournaments via a location search. Tap on the location icon at the top right corner, and the page will load all local events/leagues/tournaments that are public. Tap on the tab (i.e., leagues).

B) On the Web

You can find a league or tournament on the web by being a member of a group, navigating to the Leagues or Tournaments tab in the group, and viewing all of the upcoming leagues and tournaments.

2) Register your team for the league/tournament

  • Tap on the league/tournament info card, and you will be brought to the Registration Page
  • Tap on the green Register button
  • Tap on the registration method you’d like to use from the selection available (i.e., pay in full vs. split payment amongst teammates vs. free agent registration)
  • Easily go through the team creation and registration process.
  • Next, add your team name and select your team colour (you can edit these afterwards by editing your Team Settings)
  • Then, confirm registration and the payment amount by tapping on Get Spot (this means you are confirming your team’s spot in the league).

To learn about generating invite links to send to your teammates so they can register to be on your team, read here.