Segment Your Event List by Location or Sport: Create & Edit Event Filters

Allow players to easily filter what sport or activity type they are looking for

You can set up filters for your group, which will allow players to easily filter all of your events by the event type and easily to find exactly what they are looking for!

Sample use cases

  • By event type: Let’s say you’d like for players to be able to filter your events in the upcoming event list/calendar views by “Pickup”; “Virtual Games”, and “eSports” — you can easily add any of those as tags to your upcoming events.
  • By sport: Perhaps you are a sport and social club with multiple sports; you can add filters like “Soccer”; “Volleyball”; and “Flag Football”
  • By program: Hockey facilities tend to have a huge variation of programming, such a stick n’puck; public skate; figure skating; programming for just adults and just for kids.. etc. The screen shots below show how an ice complex uses filters for their group!
  • By location: Large sports groups like Big City Youth Volleyball create location filters, like Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan classes

App view:

In this example, you can see that a player can select one filter, or layer on multiple filters.

Web view:

Similarly, on the web, when a player clicks on the Events tab within the group, they can also see all of the filters.

How to set up filters

App: Event Creation Form

Here is sample of how it looks in the event creation form. Scroll down to the Event Tag section > Tap Add > Tags that you have used in other events will auto-populate here but you must select them so that they are highlighted in dark grey. You can also type in new tag(s).

Web: Event Creation Form

In the Event Tags section, just type in whatever you want the tag to be, and press enter. You can add more than one tag this way.

How to enable event filters

If you want to create or edit filters, let us know (message the OpenSports Help Desk), and we will enable this feature for you. Once enabled go to your Events tab, and click on “Create Filters” or “Edit Filters” > You will be brought to a simple filter creation form with instructions!

Below is the Add/Edit Filter modal. You can drag and drop your filters to determine the order they show up in, on your Events page.

Adding a new Filter is easy! Click “Add New Filter”, type in the tag that the filter corresponds to, and type in how you want the filter to display (you may want it to be an abbreviation, or to have capital letters). Then Click “Add”

Once your filers are ready, click on Publish Filters. Now they will be viewable on the app and web by your group members!

If you have questions, direct them in the chat to the OpenSports Help Desk, or email me at :)