Can I run a tournament through OpenSports?


32 players showed up at my 4-team mini-tournament in Toronto. It was so easy to organize and manage through OpenSports!

If you are setting up a sports tournament, OpenSports allows you to set up the event, open up custom spots (representing different teams), and collect payment and waivers from each individual player.

OpenSports has revolutionized the way tournaments can be run/set up so that it’s more of an “open” concept. We call these “pickup tournaments”!!

Here’s how to run your own tournament through OpenSports:

  1. Create an event through the OpenSports website or app

2. While filling in all of the event details, open up custom spots. Open up as many custom spots as the amount of teams you want.

In this example below, I wanted to host a mini-tournament with 4 teams of 8 players.

Open up custom spots for as many teams as you would like to create.

3. Save your event and start sharing it with everybody! You can share the URL to your event, and/or you can invite OpenSports players directly through the app/website.

I shared the link to my event on Whatsapp with many of my soccer friends!

How players join a team:

Players go to your event page and click “Join”. Then they can select which team they want to be on (See screen shots below).

Web view and App view of when a player goes to join your event and select a spot on a team.

This is the message a player receives when they join you tournament through the website!

Organizers’ view of the tournament sign-ups:

When you are running a tournament with multiple teams, you will want to see how many spots on each team are filled, and who is coming. Use the “Manage Users” dashboard (web and app) to view a breakdown of attendees by team. You can click on players’ names to view their OpenSports player profile.

You will also be able to view who is on the waitlist, and who cancelled their spot.

Admin views of the tournament attendees. Left: players who joined the “Unicorns”. Centre: Players who joined “Las Bromas”. Right: Players on the waitlist.

Event chat, Check-ins, Reviews, Photos, and Scores

A few other key tournament management tools on OpenSports are Event Chat, Player Check-ins, Photo uploader, and after the event, players can leave reviews.

Left to right: Event chat, with all of the attendees; Player check-ins; Reviews and Photos

After you’ve run your first tournament, let us know how it went!! We would love to hear about it. Here’s another photo from our mini tournament. Can you guess who the Unicorns are? 🦄

If you have any questions send them my way at :)