Can I open up some free (or cash) spots and some paid spots for one event?

Yes, it’s easy using the Discounts feature! Here’s how:

Create your event within your group, and input a price per player. Select “Collect payment via OpenSports” so that most players can pay through the app.

Next, using the discounts feature, create a 100% off discount for players that want to pay cash.

Use the different controls and usage limits options to continue to set up your discount (for example, if there is a certain group of players — lets say, your Captains — that you always want to receive a discount, select them through the Eligibility section.

Set it up so that you give the code out manually so that it doesn’t automatically apply when all players purchase a ticket to your event. Uncheck the “Apply the code automatically” check box (see image, below).

Tell players that want to pay cash the discount code (in this case, TORAPTORSCASHSPOT) so they can redeem it when they get their spot to your event!

Learn more about our Discounts feature here, which allows you to offer players a discount (or offer your captains/organizers free spots)!

Contact me at if you have any questions!