Are You A True Soccer Fan? Under the Cosh’s Trivia Really Tests your Footy Knowledge

Did you watch the Olympics close enough to know what it actually says on Neymar’s headband? Do you know which manager had one spell in Napoli, two spells with Juventus, one with Inter, and two with the Italian national team? A recap of a challenging, fun evening!

What does it actually say on Neymar’s headband?

Blog written by Alex Lamontagne & Alicia Luciani. Published March 16, 2018.

Under the Cosh recently hosted one of their famous trivia nights at Opera Bob’s Pub downtown Toronto. Under the Cosh hosts a trivia night every 2–3 months and they have all been a complete hit! It was the Cosh’s largest trivia event to date — this particular event was a sell out, with 50 football fanatic trivia-goers split into 12 teams. It immediately became apparent why this has become the best soccer trivia in the city, brought to you by the brilliant, hilarious guys who host the city’s most fun, analytical, and informative soccer/football podcast and blog.

Nothing Trivial About Under the Cosh Trivia 🤔

I am not the best at trivia so I was a bit nervous about what to expect. I was really just expecting to take pictures and videos to capture the night through multi-media. Upon arrival, I was immediately introduced to some of Alicia’s friends who were down one team member, so I quite literally forced myself onto their team by sitting at the one open spot at their table. I didn’t think I would be of much help, but one of the first questions was about a Christine Sinclair tweet, and having shared the international stage with her before, you BET I knew the answer to it 🔥

The questions were split up into 4 rounds by category: classic, visuals, commentary, and general. Each round was worth a certain amount of points which were tallied at the end in order to crown the winner.

Alex — One of the great Under the Cosh guys!

Strange, Thought Provoking, and Downright Impossible 😅

Seriously Cosh guys, you expect me to know the color and size of De Gea’s boots?! I had no idea, and if you know it, mad props to you, that’s very impressive! The range of questions within each category was impressively vast and really captured what seemed like the entire history of football. I’m very thankful that I had awesome teammates who were die hard soccer fans and knew so much about the game (Tip 1: Have at least 1–2 die hard fans on your team. The questions are seriously tough).

Some of the questions really tested your knowledge of European leagues and MLS like these ones:

Can you name the two french defenders on Barcelona? Do you know which club Gregory Van der Wiel came from before he signed to Toronto FC?

What about the answer to this question: As a manager, I had one spell with Napoli, two spells with Juventus, one with Inter, and two with the Italian national team. Who am I?

My favourite question was during the commentary round when they made everyone name seven different impressions of various coaches/players. It was hilarious!

There were a lot of laughs around the bar throughout the night, and plenty of scratched out answers (Tip 2: stick with your gut instinct!), and in the end, our team tied for fifth place. Although my team didn’t win the grand prize, I left Under the Cosh Trivia night with a smile and some new friends, and I think that’s what the night was all about. Relaxing, hanging out, drinking a few beers and bonding over the sport we are all so passionate about🤗⚽️.

Check out the hilarious team names on the score sheet! Congrats to 365 for winning it all.

I appreciate the event that Under the Cosh ran and how they brought so many people with a common passion together. If you’re a die hard soccer fan who loves talking about the game or a fan who wants to learn more, make sure you subscribe to their podcast: The Coshcast on iTunes or SoundCloud for your weekly dose of well-informed footy banter! They are also very active on social media so give them a follow at @under_thecosh on Twitter or on Facebook!

Screen shot from UTC’s home page, full of informative and very well written content.

A big thank you to everyone for who registered through OpenSports, came out and participated. Another huge shoutout to Opera Bob’s for providing the event venue and Under the Cosh for making it all happen. It was very evident that you guys put a lot of thought and time into crafting up about 80 questions that spanned such a fun range of leagues/players/tournaments/and football history. Looking forward to the next trivia night!

365 the winners of trivia night! Congratulations guys