Create the best game descriptions to get more players out to your games

Make players want to jump right into the action before it begins!

Always, ALWAYS, use a good action shot photo

Think about the way you feel when you see a photo of people being active and having fun, with a simple tagline like “Come together for a friendly soccer match, meet locals, and enjoy the city.” There is a little secret that companies like Airbnb have been exploiting for years: descriptions full of action words and adjectives, and nice photos. So be creative!

In the event description section, highlight things that will make players feel comfortable joining. Players want to know if it’s going to be a fun and relaxed or serious event, where to meet, what to bring, public transportation accessibility, and if there’s free parking, among other details.

Event descriptions for games that fill up

1. Volleyball — Beach? Say no more!🏖

I hastily joined this game before getting to the end of the description. I know there is no actual beach at Earlscourt… but bravo, Kevin, your description won me over.

“Looking for a few people to play some beach volleyball, either 2s or 4s. There are 2 sand courts that go fairly unused with some decent nets. I have lines and a mikasa beach volleyball and am looking for some players who know how to keep a rally going. Don’t have to be advanced but should know how to play (try for bump set hit) . The courts are on the south east side of the park, accessible by going north on lansdowne (just north of davenport) where the road curves.”

In this example, the organizer sets the scene so that you know exactly where you’re going and what you’re getting into. You can be fairly certain that courts will be available, and that he is taking care of the equipment. He also describes the level of play he is looking for very accurately, so that as a player, you know if this is a game for you.

2. PickUp Soccer — Break a sweat and enjoy the weather! ⚽

Check out the event photo: There’s people, there’s action, and it captured the exact location that the game will take place in. Stellar!

“Time to break a sweat and enjoy the weather. This is for everyone, regardless of your skill level. Try to be at least 10 or 15 minutes prior to the game so you can properly warm up. — Please bring a light or dark shirt/jersey — Bring water and soccer ball (if you have one, not necessary) — Minimum 10 people for the game to go on ***Note: This is a good spirited game, therefore no rough play and or slide tackling of any sort***”



  • Group sports like soccer — that require more equipment and more people — benefit from longer descriptions.
  • It is especially important to indicate in the game description if a group of people (who are not on the app) are already coming, and if you are just looking for a few more players.

3. Tennis🎾

This game was filled 6 days before the actual event date.

Come play tennis at Stanley Park. All skill levels welcome.”

Why we love this: it’s inviting, friendly, and inclusive. How much more detail do you need for a tennis match?

4. Outdoor PickUp Soccer — Detailed and demanding!🤖

The OpenSports Bot is going to have a really challenging time hosting this soccer game, with 28 sign ups and counting. Luckily, Toronto’s favourite sports Bot is pretty well known and people in the Toronto soccer community trust Bot to host a fun and organized pickup soccer game.

“Free game at back campus. Co-Ed. All levels welcome. Please bring a white and black/coloured shirt. And be ON TIME!! We will prob be able to use more than one field if numbers are high. Min. of 10 players for game to go on. Turf shoes, or running shoes recommended. Game will be called off the night before if weather changes. Paid parking, TTC accessible.”

Why we love this post: A lot of relevant information is packed in, taking the guessing work and extra back and forth out of organizing and attending a game.

In conclusion: Different types of sports/recreation events warrant different types of descriptions, with group sports like soccer — that require more equipment and more people — benefiting from longer descriptions.

Overall: Have a FRIENDLY tone.

Finally, check out this sample post from Airbnb, bases off their tips:

Event description tips from Airbnb Experiences.

❤ Alicia and Your OpenSports Team

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