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Past EventTSC COED INDOOR Saturday $15 for 2hrs (NOT FREE)

Apr 20 9:55 PM-11:55 PM (EDT)  •  Soccer •  Public Event
TSC Soccer
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All Skill Levels
Apr 20 9:55 PM
FIELD: We will have all 3 fields.
-JERSEYS: Please bring 3 jerseys: one BLACK, one RED and one WHITE.

-FEE: $15 cash or $15 Online. Bring EXACT CHANGE. (Keepers play Free).

-FORMAT: 8 v 8 with 3 teams for 2 hrs
We will play 7 minutes unless one team scores 2 goals. The winners can only stay on for 3 games maximum. The winner must continue to win to stay on. All draws will be counted as a loss for the team that was there the longest.

-NO SHOWS: Those who sign up but don't show up are not welcome back!

-CANCELLATION: Be considerate by not taking a spot unless you are 100% sure you can come out or cancel at least 24 hrs before the event!

-REFUNDS: Refunds will only be given to those who cancel 24hrs before kick off regardless of when you were sent the game invitation. Only sign up if you are 100% sure you can play!

***Dangerous players or players who are not there to have fun may be sent home by a TSC organizer without refund. This is not a competitive league match so make sure you bring the right attitude! We are here to have fun and to not yell at each other!***

We will use this as a tryout for those looking to play on TSC leagues. Make sure you speak to us after the game.
See you on the field :)

Your spot may be given to someone else If you are later then 30 mins past kickoff time and no refunds will be given.

If your looking to join a league visit
57 going, 7 spots left

Refund Deadline: April 19, 2019 9:55 PM (EDT)

Central Technical Stadium

725 Bathurst Street