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Past EventSun | A - AA | Indoor Coed Sixes 🏐

Feb 16 4:50 PM-7:30 PM (EST)  •  Volleyball •  Public Event
Zheng Huang
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Feb 16 4:50 PM
👥 Intended for "A" players or better. One indoor court. 18 players max. You'll play two games then rest every third.

‼️Parking‼️street parking on green lane or use it’s designated parking on Carson street. Use the entrance from the outdoor basketball court to enter the building.

🅰️/🅰️🅰️players have priority to sign up until Saturday night. Higher BB player can ONLY join if there are open spots on the day of the event

⚠️ $1 off all events with an annual membership plan.

❗️‼️New players: please feel free to introduce yourself to the event host so you can be included in the invitation list.

⏰ 4:50pm—5pm: warm-ups/peppers. Play begins at 5pm.

Only people with their name on the "Attendee List" of this event are eligible to play. If there is an issue, use the "Message Organizer" button below. You can only have more than 1 guest spot if you clear it with host beforehand. Otherwise you lose all your spots.

🅰️ players are above average competitive players. They have in depth knowledge of offensive and defensive game play, and use advanced strategies to be successful. Level A players are typically in excellent physical condition and are able to compete at a high level. These players are former club and/or college athletes.

🅰️🅰️ players are extremely competitive players. These individuals may possess the skills needed to play professionally. These players are current professional or former athletes from D1 or D2 schools.

• 🎫 Ticket required to attend this event
• 🎟️ Ticket cost is donated to our host, Hillside Rec
• 🔄 This event repeats weekly
• 🔔 Invites are sent approximately 1 week prior to play
• 🔕 Profiles lacking sport cards will be removed
• 📞 Message the organizer with any questions.
• 🏐 Official ball: https://phlvb.com/flistatec-volleyball
18 going, all spots filled

Refund Deadline: February 16, 2020 12:50 PM (EST)

North Light Community Center

175 Green Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA