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Past EventSaturday Sand Volleyball

Feb 15 10:45 AM-12:59 PM (-05)  •  Outdoor Volleyball •  Public Event
Gabriela Perez
All Skill Levels
Feb 15 10:45 AM
Welcome to our Saturday Sand Volleyball Event! Everyone in the group is welcome to join us regardless of age or ability. Our #1 priority is fun!!! We play in Parque El Cedro Madeira, Calle 148 #7H-98, Barrio Cedro Golf.

Please stick with the following guidelines when making a reservation:

• Arrive by 10:45 am and be ready to start at 11:00 am
•Please don't show up without a reservation as there may not be space.
• If your plans change, please cancel so someone else can claim your space.
• If you need to cancel on the day of the activity, please let me know via email or via telephone.

Cost of the game: We pay 20-30.000 pesos every Saturday to rent the court. To make the collection of money easier, everyone must contribute 10.000 pesos every 2-3 months (this depends on how many different players show up during that time). Payment is made your first time showing up during the period designated by the counsels. Once the accumulated money runs out, we will begin a new collection period. The following people have already paid for this period and do not need to pay.

Constanza Rava.
Gabriela Perez
Juan David Borja
Karol Domínguez.
José Gómez.
Martin Moreno.
Maria jose Sáenz.
Benjamin Skerra.
Leandro Pires.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 3143148414, Gabriela Pérez.
10 going, 5 spots left
Parque Cedro Madeira

a 148-98, Cra. 8 Bis A #148-2, Bogotá, Colombia