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May 7 8:50 PM-9:50 PM (EDT)  •  Ice Skating •  Public Event
Jenny Wall
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May 7 8:50 PM
Looking for the perfect Family Activity!? We have the perfect thing for you, POD Skates! What is a POD Skate? We take the sheet of ice and divide it into 3 parts, then you rent 1/3 of the ice to enjoy with yourself and up to 9 guests. It is up to you how you want to spend that hour of ice time! Figure skating, sure! Hockey drills with foam pucks, yes! Doing mini laps with family, of course! These are a great way to get the whole family on the ice!

We will have rental skates available included with the POD rental cost. If you are interested in bringing recess activities for your POD such as: foam pucks, sticks, stuffed animals, ect. feel free! We are able to bring a hockey net to your station if requested.

Please create a DASH account through our website (ashburnice.com and click "sign up") so we can scan you into the building using your barcode!

All Covid Protocols do apply to POD Skates. No hard pucks allowed


Please register for a pod (POD ORGANIZER) $95 then ADD your guests. Do not hit join until your guests are added.

If you register for this activity and are subsequently unable to attend, please be sure to drop the class as soon as possible to allow someone in from the waitlist. If you cancel your spot in the session with less than 12 hours remaining before the session begins, you will not be issued a refund.

We have a temporary check in table located inside the main entrance vestibule.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your activity but be aware you may be asked to wait outside until 5 minutes before your activity begins. You may be required to show proof of purchase of your session. Please have the OpenSports app downloaded on your phone in case we need to review any activities.

All individuals entering the facility will be required to have their temperature measured by a no contact thermometer. Individuals who have a temperature above 100.4 will not be permitted access to the facility or allowed to participate in any Ashburn Ice House activity.

Participants should bring their own CLEARLY LABELED FILLED WATER BOTTLE for all activities. We will not have water fountains available.

Face coverings are mandatory at all times in the facility.

No Hockey Bags are permitted in the facility

Benches will be set up inside each rink to allow skaters to put on their skates prior to getting on the ice.
Upon the conclusion of an activity, skaters will be asked to leave the building immediately so we have ample time to disinfect between customers and activities.
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POD ORGANIZER (US$95.00)Required
Skater (Free)

Refund Deadline: May 7, 2021 8:50 AM (EDT)

21595 Smith Switch Rd

21595 Smith Switch Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147, USA