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BB/A :) Thursday—Callowhill

Dec 27 7:30 PM-10:00 PM (EST)  •  Indoor Volleyball •  Public
Indira Ackerbek
Dec 27 7:30 PM
👥 Intended for BB players or better. One indoor court. 18 players max. Indoor rules. You'll play two games and rest every third.

⏰ 7:20pm—7:30pm: warm-ups/peppers (on sidelines if court is in use). Play begins at 7:30pm.

🅱️🅱️ A "BB" player knows where to be on the court at all times when plays are developing. They know where to be when the opponent is hitting. They know the footwork of and how to approach hitting effectively. A "BB" player knows how to run a 5-1, a 6-2, and needlessly, a 4-2.

🅰️ An "A" player is somewhere between "BB" and "AA". They know all the skills extremely well but cannot always execute the super-high level plays extremely effectively all the time. They can run combination plays in a basic way if passes are good. That includes slides, tandems, x's, crosses, and back-row hitting.

• 🎫 Ticket required to attend this event;
• 🎟️ Ticket cost covers the payment due to rent Phield House;
• 🔄 This event might repeat weekly depending on how the first one goes;
• 🔔 Invites are sent approximately 1-3 weeks prior to play;
• 🔕 Profiles lacking sport cards are not sent invites;
• 📞 Message the organizer with any questions.

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