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Sep 16 5:10 PM-5:40 PM (EDT)  •  Ice Skating •  Secret Event
Briana Bennett
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Sep 16 5:10 PM
This class is intended for skaters who are 6 and up and just starting.
For a list of skills taught in this level, please visit out LTS page on our website.
Please arrive early for check-in or you will not be allowed in the rink.
Please bring light layers, a thin pair of socks that rise above the ankle, gloves, and an all sport compression helmet. Our sanitized rental skates will be available for use, but like any sport, having your own equipment promotes progress. Please visit our pro-shop for recommendations.
NEW FOR THIS ROUND OF LESSONS!- Skaters may practice for the 30 minutes AFTER their lesson.
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Refund Deadline: September 16, 2020 1:10 PM (EDT)

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