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Past Event2-16 Competitive Partner Play $5

Feb 16 8:00 AM-1:00 PM (CST)  •  Pickleball •  Public Event
Bob Herbert
Feb 16 8:00 AM
Cost is $5 paid to Hidden Trails upon arrival.

The purpose of the competitive partner play session is to provide an opportunity for people to have practice sessions with their partners while playing competitive games that are as balanced as possible.
Please sign up with your partner on ONE clipboard to queue up for a net. If there isn’t a long wait time you can wait to sign up on the next available empty clipboard as games finish.
This is partner competitive play, which means it is YOUR responsibility to find a partner to put yourself into the queue with. It is not “next two up” on any court, at any time. You can come with a partner, or ask around and find a partner while play is going on throughout the day. Sometimes, due to skill level or other issues, it might be harder to find a partner if you haven’t already communicated with someone before attending but this is just a suggestion to make it easier for you to find a partner.
Games are to 11, normal scoring and rules. Winning team stays on the court losing team rotates off EVERY GAME.
If you win 3 games in a row on court 4 rotate off, Please queue up nets 1-3 the rest of the day. If you win 4 games in a row on court 3 rotate off, Please queue up nets 1-2 the rest of the day. If you win 4 games in a row on court 2 rotate off, Please queue up net 1 the rest of the day.
If you win 5 games in a row on court 1 rotate off, Please switch partners for the rest of the day. If your opponent “wins out” and rotates off you still need to rotate off as well. EVERY time you lose you rotate off the court. In that case two new teams are queued up.
If you don’t want to rotate up to a higher net after “winning out” please switch partners then. Hopefully if we all do this, the nets will naturally balance out with play levels without anyone having to assign players to certain nets.
You can play with multiple partners throughout the day but can only be queued up/playing on ONE net at a time with one partner at a time. For example, you cannot be playing on one net and queued up with a different partner on a different net at the same time.
PLEASE- We have been asked to stay in the waiting area until we are up on a court. Please store all of your gear and such in the waiting area and only take paddles and water to the courts.
4 going, unlimited spots
Hidden Trails Golf & Country Club

6501 S Country Club Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73159, USA