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Past Event🎪 DPC – Group Lesson - Intermediate 120 – Touching it All

Feb 11 5:00 PM-6:30 PM (EST)  •  Pickleball •  Public Event
Steven Danatzko
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Feb 11 5:00 PM
This lesson is NOT for first timers, but is designed for the evolving educated and experienced pickleball player. This will be ideal for players have attended at minimum an “Introduction to Pickleball” lesson and who have played 30 games or more. This lesson covers a large amount of information in a small span of time. So depending on your experience level, be prepared to be overwhelmed. A brief hand out will be provided as a reference tool.

At Camp Curiosity Indoor Arena Facility
- Scheduled for 90 minutes of instruction (may include an hour of play if available)
- Arena is NOT HEATED! - NO Air Conditioning - Dress Appropriately
- I will help you warm up prior to the Lesson
- Bring liquids to keep hydrated
- The roads and parking lot are basically gravel, so PLEASE travel the grounds at the posted 5MPH (the horses will love you)

Court / Drill 1 – Touch Drills
Court / Drill 2 – Serves and Returns
Court / Drill 3 – Drop Shots
Court / Drill 4 – Non-Volley Zone (Kitchen)
Court / Drill 5 – Reaction time / close quarters drill

The lesson will include:
- body warm up with dynamic exercise warm up
- 15 minutes on each court / drill
--- short display / explanation of proper skill / technique
--- remaining time for skill enhancement through repetitive practice
- body cool down in form of stretch exercises
- Q&A

There will be an ALL PLAY event right after this session, so watch for that in case you may want to join.

If you have any questions, please use the EVENT CHAT format here to post them so all members can see the questions and answers.

Thank you for your interest, and hope to see you there!

Steve Danatzko (PPR Certified Coach)
6 going, 2 spots left

Refund Deadline: February 11, 2020 3:00 PM (EST)

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