KENSINGTON ⚽ Tuesday Women's & Non-Binary League: 🍂 Fall 2023

Match Dates Oct 18 - Dec 23, 2023
Registration Ended Oct 17 11:45 PM
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Women's & Non-Binary League Format

This league is open to all women and non-binary players of all skill levels.

Free Agents will be placed on teams prior to the start of the league, please contact with any questions or requests.

🚗Locations, Directions & Parking Information Parking is located conveniently next to the field in the North lot of the Kensington MARTA station.


  • 8 games per season, with 7 regular season games + playoffs/consolation games.
  • 🎽 Roster of 8-10 players per team recommended, though only 5 are required
  • Entrance fees are listed per team or player (any early bird discounts will be automatically applied)
  • 🕙 Match times begin at 8 PM and onwards, and consist of two 20 minute halves.
  • ⛈️ Matches will be played in rainy conditions if it is safe to do so, as long as the turf is not waterlogged. However, we follow the US Soccer guidelines for match cancellations regarding lightning. League organizers will communicate match cancellations to all players and matches will be rescheduled.
  • Field Managers and Referees will be present at each location
  • All players must follow our Code of Conduct
  • League FAQ

Full League Rules
Rule Summary:

  • 5 players (4 field players + 1 goalkeeper)

  • No slide-tackling is allowed, but goalkeepers may go to ground to make saves. The re-start for a slide-tackle that is NOT a foul is an indirect free kick.

  • All out-of-bounds restarts are indirect (sideline kick-ins, net-balls, goal kicks, corner
    kicks, kick-offs, etc.) and all other restarts are direct (except a non-foul slide as noted above).

  • Kick-ins (not throw-ins) are taken to restart play from sideline out-of-bounds; these
    kick-ins are indirect

  • No punting or dropkicks by the keeper

  • Goal kicks and kick-ins must be taken from a dead ball

  • Balls touching the roof of the net are considered out-of-bounds; an indirect free kick will
    be awarded at the spot of contact

  • Substitutions are made “on-the-fly,” as long as the player subbing in is not close enough to impact the play on the ball, they may sub as soon as another player leaves the field during play

  • Goalkeeper throws are considered indirect. If a ball enters the goal directly from a goalkeeper’s throw, it is a goal kick for the opposing team.

  • 🟨 If a player is issued a yellow card, they must sit out for 2 minutes with no substitution allowed

  • 🟥 If a player is issued a red card, they are ejected from the game (no substitution allowed). If the site manager or referee determines the foul warrants an ejection, the game will not resume until the player has left the facility.

  • Full Red Card Policy

  • A mandatory 1 match suspension for a red card will be served immediately in the next scheduled match. Any attempt to bypass this suspension will lead to an additional red card. The player who received the card (or team captain) will identify themselves by name to the referee so the card can be properly assigned and the suspension served, otherwise the team will risk further red cards at the discretion of league management.

  • All red cards will be reviewed by league management. If management deems it necessary, a longer suspension will be implemented for any red card.

  • Red Card Accumulation: If a player is issued a red card beyond the first (at any time, red cards are cumulative between ALL seasons), they will be subject to a minimum suspension of 3 matches, up to a suspension for the rest of their season, as determined by league management.

  • If a player is ever issued a 3rd red card, they will be PERMANENTLY barred from participating in all Soccer in the Streets events, leagues and tournaments.

  • Players must respect the appropriate distance for all restarts:

    • 3 yards distance for all free kicks and
    • 1 yard for all kick-ins
    • Outside the goal line for a goal kick
    • Behind the goal line on a corner kick
  • During playoffs and finals, either team may request a roster check of the referee. Both teams will then be required to verify their rosters. Players not registered on the roster will be ineligible for play during these games.

League Format

  • Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss
  • Tiebreakers, when teams have the same amount of points from their fixtures, will be determined by the highest Goal Differential first, highest number of Goals For second, and lowest amount of Goals Against third.
  • Forfeiture is determined at game time and will result in a 3-0 win for the present team. A team that cannot field at least 3 players or no-shows will automatically forfeit the game.

Playoff Format:

  • Each division will play its regular, round-robin season
  • At the end of each division’s season, there will be a division playoff
  • Division Playoffs - Seeded single elimination bracket
  • The winner of the League will receive t-shirts, medals, and a picture with the League of Stations Trophy 🏆posted to our social media account @soccerstreetsleagues.
Registration Ended Oct 17 11:45 PM
Team Registration
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